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Logo Evolution

Your business will evolve and so should your logo!

When clients come to us asking for a new logo or a logo as part of a branding package we make sure that we plan for the future and longevity of their business and therefore the design.

Even here at GT Designs, we like to refresh our own company's branding and logo at least once a year, it helps that it is our passion and that we enjoy it but we also think that it keeps our branding current. Not only to the market at the time but also to our business as it evolves and grows over time.

What does logo evolution mean?

Logo evolution is the updating of your logo to evolve in line with your business. If your logo looks outdated your customers/cilents will also think that the business is outdated, the products and the practices. The general rule of thumb is that a logo should be updated every five years, that is unless your business is within a design-focused industry.

Best practises making sure your logo lasts

  1. Keep it simple - over complicated logo's are usually the first to become outdated. By keeping your logo simple you strip back design elements that may have been over-designed and also may give away the age of the logo.

  2. Test your logo - when you refine the design you like test it in various industries and various age groups. This takes away the bias and will shed light on how your logo is perceived, the personality it dictates. From these results, you can ascertain if it currently fits your business and also if it will fit in with your forecasted view of your business in five years.

  3. Get variations - when your logo is being created make sure you get variants in every colour combination of your brand. This gives you greater flexibility as your brand develops, if you want to take it in a different way you have that option to without having to change the whole logo. Sometimes a similar colour swap can make a big enough impact.


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