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Font Fabulous

It can take a while to find the right fonts for a brand or a website; it takes careful planning and consideration. The smallest variation can have a massive impact on how your audience perceives you.⠀

There are general rules when it comes to font types, pairings, and how they are used and in general, they should always be followed, there are of course exceptions.

Font categories

There are six main categories of font typefaces: serif, sans serif, handwriting, monospaced, and display. The ones that you see the most are serif and sans serif as they are most commonly used in body text and as headings.⠀

Our top font rules:

  1. Maintain a hierarchy of fonts and be consistent with it.

  2. You don't need lots of different fonts, start simple and develop your font pairings.

  3. Pick appropriately, some fonts feel fun, others look very corporate, nailing this is vital to your businesses success.

  4. Spread your wings... although there are some great fonts out there that are free, there are loads more from awesome creators that you can buy. This makes your work different and standout!


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