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Branding Basics For the Non-Techy

Talking about branding is really in right now - and for a good reason! If you want a respectable business that is an authority and success, then good branding is a must.

What makes up a brand?

"A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers." Wikipedia

Branding doesn't always have to be hardcore software tools, or for the photoshop pros. You can build your brand in so many ways. We have put together a list of places we LOVE that you don't need a degree in on how to use.

Branding Basics

Follow 1 to 6 to help you get your branding basics nailed down:

1. COOLORS - build a beautiful palette...

Have a play, start with one colour and end up with your final palette. This is a great tool to help you decide on your colour theme and allows you to get a foundation of the overall style of your brand.

2. MY FONTS - add depth and personality...

Seen a font you really like but not sure what it is called? Check out My Fonts, simply upload an image of the font and it will tell you what the font is - or a very similar version! Easy.

3. CANVA - the all in one crowd pleaser...

You can make socials to marketing materials and save your branding palette, so you're always on point!

4. MOO - print it...

A UK based company for business cards. Get thank you notes too, get everything! So you are putting out a cohesive brand for your business 24/7.

5. HOOTSUITE - shout about it...

Build that brand awareness. Schedule your posts, get those reports, hone in on your audience and build your brand.

6. ONEDRIVE - save it...

Keep a copy of your fonts, colour palette codes and identifying elements of your brand so you always know where to go to stay true to it.


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