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What We Use To Do What We Do

Wondering what tools we use on the daily to create beautiful websites, marketing materials and designs for you? Well, when it comes to software everyone has their favourites. If you ask any digital designer, they have probably been through most of them, I know we have!

Design is not one size it's all, thankfully! Life would be very boringThat means you need different programs for different designs, clients and industries. An arsenal of software.

Software that is always running at GTD:

1. Photoshop - I don't think this ever really gets shut!

2. Illustrator

3. Procreate

4. InDesign

5. Dreamweaver

6. Krita

7. Canva

Want to learn about branding and design tools that are fab to use for the non-techy? Checkout out Branding Basics article.


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