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Paint The Rainbow

Let's talk about colour palettes for a minute.

Colour choices are incredibly important to your brand and business, different colours represent different things and create different emotions for people who see that colour.

The meaning behind the colours

Did you know For example in colour psychology yellow is shown to make a person feel optimistic and cheerful, whereas blue is meant to give a feeling of loyalty and integrity. Picking the right colours to use for your brand goes beyond picking your favourite one, in fact, that really should not come into it at all.

How to make a colour palette

There are various ways to create a colour palette, and none of them is wrong. Each business works in different ways and therefore has different needs when it comes to design and branding. Some clients like to stick just with black-and-white, other clients like to pick bold colours and have a really wide palette, some like palettes that clash, palettes that harmonise, and there are clients that like to pick one colour and build the pallet out of various shades.

Like I said there is no wrong way to build a colour palette. All you have to do is look online at the various brands that are globally recognised to see how wide a variety there is when it comes to colour palettes that nail it!

Got a question about your colour palette? Send us a message and we will paint up a colourful storm, or a monotone rainbow - either way, its going to be gorgeous and most importantly, will be the right fit for your brand and business.


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