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Image Optimisation

Been on a website and felt like you were wasting your whole life waiting for the page to load, and then the big blank gaps where there clearly should be images actually load the images? Who hasn't!

Now a question for all of you who already have a website, and answer honestly, do you optimise your images for your website? If not, you're missing out and doing your website, blog, store, SEO and customers a massive disservice!

Slow load times don't just affect your customers opinion of your website, it also affects Google's opinion and your SEO. It affects your websites ranking and therefore the entire visibility of your website. Basically what we are saying is that not optimising your websites is a big mistake. It breaks our hearts when we see past clients update images on their websites that haven't been compressed, or do website analysis for new clients who have hundred's of gigabytes in space taken up but oversizes, heavy, time-consuming images.

Optimising your images compresses them without losing any of the quality, this puts less "weight" on your website therefore speeding it up, win-win. There are some great online tools, which are 100% free, that do this if you don't want to make it too technical which we have listed below.

Two top compressing tools that are FREE

What are you waiting for? Give them a go and see how much space and time you can save by compressing.


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