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DIY or DI-Don't

You're probably thinking "sure... Why not, right? You can get it exactly how YOU want, you can learn more about websites so you can easily do your own updates, plus it's FREE!"

Did you know that 70% of the phone calls I get are from people that have done their own websites and don't love them, and in fact kind of hate their website? They spend, weeks and months trying to get the website how they want, but it's not their job, they aren't trained in it, and honestly, you need to be if you want a good website.

I'm not saying that every DIY website is bad - some aren't. That being said, you can easily paint a field and hang it on a wall, but it's never going to be as good as an artist's painting in comparison is it? Websites are the same.

Not calling myself Picasso here, just pointing out that there are levels of quality when it comes to all things.

Why should you invest in a website designer?

1. Websites are the most important marketing tool you can use for your brand & business, it's worth investing in!

2. You will save so much time, what takes a DIYer months, and not always correctly completed, takes us so much less time and it's always finished to a high standard.

3. We know the tricks you don't to boost your websites SEO, security, appeal and usability.

4. Branding! Websites are so much more than a place to list your products or services, nailing your branding is a game-changer (more on this later).

5. We think about websites differently, we understand what you should have on your website, legally and functionally, that you may have missed.

6. We are trained do it day in day out, meaning we can create something that is better than you imagined!

I get it, websites are an investment, a worthy investment! Not everyone has the funds when they are starting a business, and we aren't here to make you feel bad about that, we were a start-up ourselves at one point in time.

To help, we now offer payment plans = nothing to hold you back! It's our job to help you establish your company as an authority in its industry and help build a brand so your company can grow.

For more info about our start-up payment plans get in touch.


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