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Authenticity - what is it and why is everyone banging on about it? In short, it means:

"of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine."

We know that being genuine is always the best policy, but how does that come into your business beyond being a conscious company with morals and ethics?

Time and time again, I see similar posts, similar designs, similar websites. Of course, there will be some cross over and evidence of industry standards in design. However, more often than not we are finding that the similarities outweigh the differences that make businesses unique. A lot of businesses first port of call of their design is to jump on Instagram or scroll through Pinterest, which are both amazing tools for INSPIRATION - however, overuse of this inspo makes it so much harder to find our authentic selves, whether that is in business or in our personal life.

Taking the time to find that is incredibly valuable, it's game changing to your business, and honestly, your life. It creates your niche and USP (unique selling point), your authenticity is the reason customers or clients will keep coming back to YOU and not your competitor.

Being authentic feels more "real". When we have initial client calls, we go through several rounds of analysis to dive into your business and get to the authentic self or the "real-ness" of your business and vision. This often gives us the USP and personality for the brand, it adds gravitas, and it adds authority... therefore making it genuine.

Want to learn more about how we can elevate your business and hone in on what makes it special, how to make it stand out and truly show your business most authentically? Get in touch with us below, we would love to help you dig deep and level up.


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